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Tres Palmas was designed to provide a spacious community that advances a social friendly community. There are special and unique features and amenities in this community that makes life fun and comfortable. The amenities services both kids and adults. You don’t have to go out to look for such features as they are within the perimeter wall.

Swimming Pool
First, the community has a clean swimming pool. If you love swimming, you don’t have to go to the nearby town. This swimming pool is built for both kids and adults. Special measures have been taken to ensure safety in the swimming area. There is also a playground for all residents. Every resident has equal access to these facilities. Kids can spend time at the playgrounds while playing, singing or any other activities. Parents can also enjoy a good time of play with their kids at the playground.

Function Room
Tres Palmas also provides a function room where you can host your guests. The room is mainly to hold large functions such as birthdays, graduation parties and other parties. The function hall is installed with various facilities you may need for your party.

Do you love health and fitness? The community has a fitness gym where residents can keep fit. This fitness facility is located away from kids to avoid accidents in the area. It is also open all time round for very interested resident to have access. This gym is equipped with the latest gym and fitness equipments.

Basement Parking
There is ample parking for residents with private car. The parking area is a basement which means that it does not interrupt your condo lifestyle. The location of the basement parking is far away from kids as there are no pedestrian pavements within the parking area.

There are special features that you are unlikely to find in other properties. For instance, in Tres Palmas, there is WIFI internet connection to every home, Sky Deck, BBQ area. We have also highlighted that every building has a functional elevator. There is also a water reservoir to ensure that there is adequate water in all units. The property never experiences water shortage. Electricity is also backed up with a standby generator.

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